One of the most popular ways of brightening up a house is the introduction of patio or bi-folding doors or the addition of a conservatory. 

Allowing full walls to be almost entirely made out of glass, houses around the country are benefitting from open plan living and seamlessly blending the exterior with the interior.

Quite often an afterthought in the initial design brief is how to maintain the clean modern lines of a fully glazed wall yet keep the space heated. Trench heating provides a solution to this allowing you to add heating directly in front of fully glazed walls without ruining the aesthetic beauty. Not only will trench heating keep your room lovely and warm but it will also provide a host of benefits.

Trench heating provides a great way of heating a room without losing any valuable wall space. Particularly suited for applications in front of glazed walls and doors the trench heating provides a constant source of heat which eliminates cold spots, and cold draughts from glazing as well as removing condensation, so no more misted up windows.

The technology works in a similar way to a standard radiator with cool air passing down the glass and into the floor grill. This then flows around our special heating unit before rising as hot air from the other side of the floor grill. Because the whole unit is sunk into the floor the only thing you will see will be the flooring grill.

Unlike underfloor heating, trench heating can be added to a home quite easily and provides a nice even heat throughout a room. Trench heating is also very easy to maintain and if there are any problems it is easy to access unlike underfloor heating.