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As well as being used in our trench heaters we also supply finned copper tube heating elements, perfect for radiators and a range of additional applications where space saving is an important factor. With the ability to be used in low temperature and high temperature hot water systems, our copper and aluminium heating elements are a highly practical, effective and low space option. Some examples of usage include:

  • Under benches
  • Behind radiator covers
  • Under flooring
  • Trench heating systems
  • Airing cupboards

All of the heating elements we supply are designed and built in-house by our experienced team and are available in 15mm or 22mm copper tube variants. The aluminium fins are mechanically bonded to the seamless copper tubes and this offers excellent heat transfer with a variety of outputs available. Some popular applications of our finned copper heating elements include:

Some popular applications of our heating elements include:

  • Churches
  • Factories
  • Conservatories
  • Greenhouses
  • Sport Locker Rooms
  • Shops and restaurants
planeGunning Heating Products have the perfect heating or cooling solutions - sky's the limit!

Heating element specifications

During the manufacturing process, our heating elements are exposed to internal pressures in excess of 20bar and are currently rated for a working pressure of 10bar. The fins are mechanically locked to the copper pipe and are open on all sides to offer excellent heat transfer. The tubes are suitable for both end feed and compression fittings and feature a male fitting at both ends to BS2871 Part 1.

Variety of options to choose from

At Gunning Heating we've got a great selection of elements to choose from with either a 15mm or 22mm copper tube. We also offer a range of different sized aluminium fins to help you get the right heat output for your needs. The finned heating elements we supply are available in a range of lengths and can easily be modified and cut to length to suit your needs. We've got the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home or business and believe that the sky's the limit.

To find out more about our innovative heating solutions and for a free, no-obligation quote give us a call on 01268 545 154 today.

Element types

Use current list of products.

Element type 01

Type 01 Finned Heating Element. (WSCU)

2 No 50mm x 76mm Finns (= 50 x 152)
22mm copper tubes. O/P 690 w/m.

Element type 02

Type 02 Finned Heating Element. (SLS)

76mm x 76mm Finns.
22mm copper tube. O/P 430 w/m.

Element type 03

Type 03 Finned Heating Element. (2 x XCU)

2 No 108mm x 108mm Finns (= 108 x 216)
22mm copper tubes. O/P 1180 w/m.
(Two Type 04 side by side)

Element type 04

Type 04 Finned Heating Element. (XCU)

108mm x 108mm Finns.
22mm copper tube. O/P 790 w/m.

Element type 05

Type 05 Finned Heating Element. (SLE)

40mm x 95mm Finns.
Twin 15mm copper tubes. O/P 250 w/m.

Element type 06

Type 06 Finned Heating Element. (2 x SLE)

2 No 40mm x 95mm Finns.
15mm copper tubes. O/P 350 w/m.

Various Types of Heating Elements