Have you ever wanted to keep a room warm but didn’t like the idea of having a radiator taking up valuable wall space? Well thankfully there are a number of solutions available for you. Perhaps one of the simplest solutions is also one of the most cost effective which is tubular radiators. Not only will a tubular radiator take up minimal space, but they also look great and are extremely energy efficient producing high heat levels for such a small unit.

If you would prefer something even more discreet then we would recommend looking into trench heating which lets you hide your heating elements away from view. Trench heating is also the perfect solution for use with fully glazed walls as it will eliminate cold spots on the glass, help to stop draughts from glazing and remove condensation keeping windows mist free.

There are many benefits to using trench heating such as the ease of cleaning and maintenance as well as the relative ease of installation in comparison to underfloor heating. It is particularly suited to applications in front of glass walls as helps to stop any draughts from the glass keeping your room lovely and warm.

We offer a range of heating solutions for those looking to heat their home efficiently and effectively with solutions ranging from our trench heating and tubular radiators to our heating elements and our gilled tube heating. If you are unsure what solution would work best for your home then feel free to get in touch with our expert team today on 01265 545 154 and we would be happy to help you.