All units are manufactured from 50mm steel tube using a special purpose machine which applies 25mm high spirally would fins under extreme tension at 6mm pitch, thus forming an excellent mechanical bond with the tube. These fins have a semi flat profile with a regular crimped contact area equalling the outside diameter of the fins. All units are 200mm high and come in 5 standard lengths: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm respectively.



Tubular Radiators Tubular Radiators Tubular Radiators are supplied as standard, finished with a high quality powder coating available in three colours; black, white or grey. Other colours are available if requested, although price will be affected.



All radiators are complete with valves and either floor or wall mounts. Flow and return connections can be made from below floor or from the rear.

     Black Tubular Radiator in Conservatory Black Tubular Radiator.