Perfect for places in the home where space is particularly limited. A fan convector that installs flush with the floor. Providing efficient and effective heat at low level. Ideal for spaces such as entrance halls, lobbies, circulation areas and applications where wall space is limited.

Room size guide 46m2
Sound levels Normal: 32dBA, Boost: 39dBA
Casing colour Anodised aluminium grille
Flow & return connectors 15mm
Mains cable 1.5m
Fused spur 3A
Power consumption Normal: 20Watts. Boost: 30Watts
Water capacity 0.27 Litres
Heat output at 80˚c Normal: 1.6KW, 5500Btu/h. Boost 2.2KW, 7500Btu/h
Heat output at 75˚c Normal: 1.5KW, 5000Btu/h. Boost 2.1KW, 7100Btu/h
Heat output at 70˚c Normal: 1.3KW, 4400Btu/h. Boost 1.8KW, 6100Btu/h
Heat output at 65˚c Normal: 1.2KW, 4100Btu/h. Boost 1.7KW, 5800Btu/h
Heat output at 60˚c Normal: 1.1KW, 3700Btu/h. Boost 1.5KW, 5100Btu/h
Heat output at 55˚c Normal: 0.9KW, 3200Btu/h. Boost 1.3KW, 4500Btu/h
Heat output at 50˚c Normal: 0.8KW, 2800Btu/h. Boost 1.2KW, 4000Btu/h
Heat output at 45˚c Normal: 0.7KW, 2400Btu/h. Boost 1.0KW, 3400Btu/h
Heat output at 40˚c Normal: 0.6KW, 1900Btu/h. Boost 0.9KW, 3000Btu/h
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